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5 Tips to getting a family group shot, large or small!

May 23, 2017


We’ve all been there….maybe, if not you need to get there…the whole family is getting together and it’s not a wedding or a funeral! First of all, give yourself a big pat on the back for that! Second starting “prepping” your family members before they come over…what the hell am I talking about?! Simple cues people! We all need direction and we all want to be in the photo, but for some reason, we don’t actually want to be in the photo. Doesn’t make any sense? Who hasn’t heard that one family member complain that they weren’t in the shot, but either they weren’t there or just flat out didn’t make an effort? I know I have! Let’s try and solve this problem with 5 simple steps!

  1. Explain to your guests that you would like to take a casual group shot at the event, aka backyard bbq and give them 3 colors you would like them to pick from to wear. For example, “Hey Aunt Betty, I’m so excited to see you on Saturday! I plan on getting a group shot of everyone and I think it would be nice for the outfits to work well together, so would you please wear something that either has navy blue, green, white/cream or black in it? Thanks, you’re the best and I will get you a copy! See ya soon!” Done and done…then if Aunt Betty comes wearing orange, you can always make the picture black and white!
  2. Prep before people come over, have your camera setup and ready on a tripod. I recommend getting a remote trigger so you don’t have to do the awful self-timer run! The remotes are very affordable…I have this one from Canon, but you can find other models. Set up a couple of chairs or benches or do it on the stairs, take a couple of test shots then wait for your guests to arrive!
  3. Take charge! When everyone that you want in the shot is at the event don’t waste any time…start taking charge and put them into position. It’s best to put the elders on chairs or benches first and then fill around with their children and grandchildren in the front or on laps. Also, put the tallest in the middle and go down from there if possible. You want to create a triangle!
  4. Shoot! Hopefully, you won’t hear any complaints and comments about why you have to do this….if so just suck it up, make some bad jokes and push that remote trigger! Keep taking pictures…then check your camera to make sure you didn’t totally screw it up then a few more….DONE!
  5. Thank everyone, get a couple of drinks, eat and when everyone is gone upload them onto your computer pick the best shot and ORDER COPIES IMMEDIATELY! Everyone will be so happy you did this, I promise!

Have fun and Good Luck!



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