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May 20, 2019

Large prints…no thanks, I’d rather keep it safe with lots of 4×6’s…and 8×10’s are big.

Girl, no! Let’s get you onto bigger and better things! Well, they say bigger isn’t better but in this case YAASSS!

I want to show you why big prints are not only awesome but have a meaningful and constant gratification!

Let me break it down:

1- One LARGE print equals less clutter! Yes, I still love galleries – designed correctly I have to add. But if you’d like add a bold new change in the simplest way this is what you need!

2- Large is not an 8×10 or 11×14…you need to think 20×30 and up..ideally 24×36!

3- You DO NOT need a large wall – These prints look amazing taking up an entire wall, if it’s a small space. You can even use it as a statement piece behind your bed, right above the headboard and if you don’t have a headboard add in a shelf and put the print right above, boom!’

4- IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A CANVAS! – Not everyone loves canvas and it can be expensive, AND if you’re like me you love a frame to really add a polished look. FYI I can frame canvas prints BUT I also have cool lightweight standout prints that are super affordable along with custom framing, metal prints, and different mounting options! 

5- Your friends and family will totally be jealous and every day you’ll feel like you have a bit of an art gallery in your home! 

Check out what one of my clients did in their nursery:

This image is the proof where I took a picture of the space and added the image and size of their choice on the wall to help make a final decision

newborn photography canvas print in nursery,



After selecting the size and image the final proof of the canvas is sent, the lines show where it will wrap around the solid wood frame.

This way the client knows EXACTLY how the print will look and if adjustments need to be made

newborn photography canvas print in nursery, newborn, michigan newborn photographer, newborn photography, family, newborn ideas, family photos, posing ideas,



This is the actual canvas on the wall, looks amazing! Simple, elegant, clean, classic!

24×36 Fine Art Canvas

newborn photography canvas print in nursery

If you’re curious to see what would fit in your home email me at with a photo you want to add and a picture of your wall.


A BIG thanks to Analy and Scott Miller for allowing me to share these beautiful images of their adorable daughter and home! XOXO

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