golden hour, mommy and me, lavender field photo shoot, michigan photographer

10 Reasons Why I Hire a Professional Photographer

May 4, 2019


golden hour, mommy and me, lavender field photo shoot, michigan photographer

Photo by: E.C. Campbell Photography

They say when you want something done right, do it yourself. Which is a wise piece of advice…in most cases. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to reload the dishwasher because my husband is incapable of understanding that a cup inside another cup is not going to get clean or when your grocer puts Kleenex in the same bag as your frozen peas, I’ll just do it myself thanks.

You hire a plumber when you need a repair or new installation, you go to the car shop because you need an oil change, you pay a hair stylist to cut your hair, you hire a pianist to teach your kids piano. Now if you’re skilled at any or all of those things you may just do it yourself, I actually changed my own oil for years, but there comes a point when you either don’t have time, don’t want to, or don’t know how and that’s when you call a professional.

Why should it be any different for a photographer?

I understand that now more than ever it’s super easy to get your hands on a quality camera, prices are a lot more affordable and free YouTube videos are a better alternative than formal training. Maybe your BFF or Uncle Bob has a fancy new camera and they’ve said they’ll do pictures for you. That’s great and all, but don’t expect much even if they have a good “eye” it’s about connection too.

Can I ask you this….Do you get frustrated because your kids simply won’t take ONE good picture? They just don’ listen to you….it’s the same with parent/teacher conferences…you hear how your child is an angel in class but at home, it’s a different story. Same when working with a photographer, it’s a new person, yeah they might be crazy, shy, or slow to warm up, but usually, at least in my 8 years of experience kids will blossom and show their cute and unique personalities…IF the right person is skilled at doing so.

I’ll honestly admit, yes I’ve taken my own family photos and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’m frustrated because I’m doing so much work running on both sides of the camera I can’t even enjoy what is going on. Now taking pictures of just my kids, that’s a different story and a different blog post, which I’ll write about later.

The photos shown in this post of my children and I were taken in 2018 with a professional. Along with doing family photos each year I also book a session that is just the kids and I, it has become a summer tradition and it means everything to me to capture these fleeting years.

For now, let me tell you the 10 reasons why I hire a professional photographer even though I am one…

#10- EXPERIENCE AND DEDICATION – Because you can’t replicate these things and if you work from the heart it will show. I look for someone who clearly shows how photography is not only made of their beautiful images but in their soul.

#9 – STYLE AND FRESH EYES – Even though I usually look for someone with a similar style it’s nice to have someone else shoot my family from a different viewpoint is a nice, and welcomed surprise.

#8 – EDITING – I don’t have to edit the pictures. Enough said, saves me time!

#7 – LIGHTING –  I don’t have to find the light. When I’m behind the camera, like all professional photographers you are looking for the perfect light and adapting to your surrounds among a dozen other things so this is a huge weight off my shoulders.

#6 – DIRECTING AND POSING – Simply, I don’t have to do it, and I can’t. Chasing around my two kids is a lot of work and I need some else to help take control, make them laugh and put us in a flattering position.

#5 – OUTFITS – I looooooooove planning outfits for a photo shoot and when I get to do it for my own it’s even more fun!

#4 – REAL SMILES! – Have you made a real smile taking a selfie? No, and if you did it was just good timing. You can’t fake a real smile, you just can’t. I need someone to catch me off guard and get those in-between moments.

#3 – ART – I love to see what kind of pieces of art a photographer will offer, especially if it’s different from what I usually do. I like to learn about new ways and ideas I can showcase the images in my home and for gifts.

#2 – BEING IN THE MOMENT – I can relax and let someone else do all the work, kinda. Photo shoots can be exhausting on both sides of the camera, but at least I can just focus on one part.

#1 – SPENDING TIME TOGETHER – With our busy schedules and my husband almost never being home it’s a time for all of us to just have fun together. I also like to plan for dinner or an ice cream treat after the shoot so we can carry the moments on. This is especially nice because all of us are dressed up and I want to take advantage of that.


Photo Credit: E.C Campbell Photography

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