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Jenny & Harper’s Detroit Laundromat Photoshoot

May 7, 2019

Where are all my Lana Del Rey fans at? So why am I asking you that? Because I love her obviously, no really her songs bring me to a place of nostalgia and even though I have not experienced things she has, like growing up on the east coast or living in California, some things just really hit home.

One of those things is my friend, Jenny. I feel like the two of us growing up are written in those songs…and what does this have to do with a laundromat photoshoot? Nothing and everything. I just love this idea and I’ve wanted to do it for forever, and actually asked another photographer to do headshot of me at one, but it hasn’t happened, yet. Probably not the best place to brand myself, but I consider myself a free spirit and there are lots of those at the laundromat.

It’s an interesting place, it can be a little rough, dirty, but always humbles you. It makes you feel grateful for what you have, like a washing machine! Such a staple in every home we really take in for granted. If you haven’t been to one, grab some dirty clothes and let’s go, we’ll throw in a photoshoot too! I had so much fun with Jenny and Harper, we played with bubbles, washed some rugs, got some weird looks, but it was worth it, I can’t wait to do another shoot with them!

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